Partial And Full Dentures in Blaine, MN

Are you self-conscious about your smile and have problems chewing and speaking due to teeth loss? Partial and full dentures can help you. At Pro Dental, our dentist provides safe, affordable, and convenient partial and full dentures to restore your beautiful smile and improve chewing functionality.

Our experienced dentist near you understands the problems faced by our patients with missing teeth. Our dental office’s friendly and welcoming atmosphere helps you relax and get the best dental care you deserve.

What Are Full or Complete Dentures?

These are a replacement for all your original teeth. They are removable and fit snugly and comfortably against your gums. When you wear full dentures, it becomes easy to speak, chew and eat.

Here at Pro Dental, we provide our patients with carefully crafted dentures that create the appearance of your natural teeth. Partial and full dentures in Blaine, MN can be fitted to just the upper or lower jaw, depending on your needs.

What Are Partial Dentures?

A dentist in Blaine, MN might recommend partial dentures if you have some of your original teeth and want to fill the gaps. Partial dentures look like full dentures but are designed only to replace the missing teeth and not the entire dentition.

Our dentist at Pro Dental might recommend Bridges or implants if you want a more permanent solution.

What Can I Eat Using Partial And Full Dentures?

Our partial and full dentures near you are designed to improve the aesthetics of our smile and provide you with functionality. While it will take a little time to adjust to your new dentures, with time, you will be able to eat most foods that you love.

Our dentist near you will suggest you start with soft foods, to begin with, eventually moving on to harder foods. You should avoid particularly hard and sticky foods like hard candy or jerky.

You should avoid sleeping with your dentures, especially if you are wearing partials. Partial and full dentures are meant to be cleaned outside your mouth.

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