General Dentistry in Blaine, MN

We all need caretakers of our oral health, and our general dentists do just that. As a general dentistry office, we understand the importance of having good oral health and strong teeth. That is why we advocate that you visit us twice a year for regular checkups and oral exams. At Pro Dental in Blaine, MN, we have the best dentists who perform general dentistry procedures.

Root Canal in Blaine, MN

A root canal is a dental treatment that eradicates toothaches from bacterial infection or an abscessed tooth. Our dentists at Pro Dental will numb your teeth, remove the affected pulp, disinfect the tooth, clean and shape it, then fill the space.

Gum Disease Treatment

Gum or periodontal disease is caused by the growth of bacteria in your mouth. It may lead to tooth loss, chewing pain, and inflamed sore or bleeding gums. Treatment includes teeth and gum cleaning, prescription mouthwashes, laser therapy, soft-tissue grafts, and scaling and root planning.

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is the complete removal of your tooth from its socket. Tooth extractions are performed when there is severe tooth decay, a fractured tooth, severe gum disease, or dental injuries.

Emergency Dental Care

If you have dental emergencies like broken fillings, knocked-out teeth, or extreme pain, our emergency dentist can help. We provide various treatments based on your specific case.

Contact Pro Dental dentists in Blaine, MN, and we will resolve your dental issues. Set up an appointment today!

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