How to Choose the Right Shape, Size and Color for Dental Veneers?

January 1, 2024
Dental veneers are thin, custom-made covers that bond directly to the front of teeth. Getting veneers is a great way to improve the look of chipped, worn down, crooked, or discolored teeth. But how do you determine the best choice with many shapes, sizes, and shade options? Here's what to consider when selecting your new smile.

What are the different shapes of veneers available?

Veneers can be shaped to match your natural tooth form or altered to correct flaws:
  • Conservative: Follow your original tooth contours
  • Extended: Lengthen short or worn teeth
  • Rounded: Soften sharp edges or corners
  • Contoured: Disguise unevenness or overlaps
Discuss which custom shape will best enhance your teeth during your dental exam. Your dentist in Blaine, MN, can digitally preview the possibilities!

How do I determine what size veneers I need?

Using digital dental impressions, your dentist creates a precise 3D model of your actual teeth. This enables designing veneers in the exact size needed to cover each unique tooth surface. If teeth have minor spacing, veneers may be slightly wider to eliminate small gaps. They can also mask mild rotation or crowding issues. At your cosmetic consultation, review the proposed measurements. Sizes should feel comfortable and proportional when previewing wax molds.

Should I match my veneers to the color of my natural teeth or go brighter?

There's no "right" shade - it's a personal choice! But here are factors to consider:
  • Match existing color: Blends most seamlessly for natural-looking smiles
  • Go slightly brighter: Creates a gently whitened appearance
  • Dramatic brightness: Maximum "wow" factor but less realistic
Remember, natural teeth gradually darken over decades. Whiter veneer shades may need replacement sooner to maintain the initial look. Discuss this longevity with your dentist.

What factors affect the longevity of different veneer materials and colors?

The material you choose impacts durability and stain resistance:
  • Porcelain: Most realistic, durable, retains brightness
  • Composite: Affordable, stains easier than porcelain
  • Lumineers: Ultra-thin, may fracture sooner
Meanwhile, darker or brighter shades show staining quicker than natural, intermediate colors. Talk with your dentist about the optimal material and shade for the longest-lasting smile possible.

How can I preview what my new veneer smile will look like before they are placed?

Digital smile imaging is an exciting technology that lets you "test drive" your new veneers virtually before they are made. Based on the size, shape, and color specifications chosen, the dentist near you uploads your treatment plan for computer visualization. You'll see projected full-face images of two smiles: your current look beside your simulated future look with veneers in place. This back-and-forth comparison helps finalize the designs to match your beauty and personality best. It's like a smile makeover sneak preview! Choosing your veneer specifications is fun but also a big decision. Please rely on the expertise of your cosmetic dentist near you and their state-of-the-art digital dentistry tools. This technology takes the guesswork of getting your dream smile's shape, size, and shade. Call Pro Dental in Blaine, MN, today to schedule your veneer consultation. Discover all the options for creating your ideal smile at 763-265-8388.
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