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Dental Hygiene Planning- Hygienist Services in Blaine

A Healthy Smile Means A Healthy You

The importance of good oral health can never be stressed enough. Research confirms that gum diseases are linked to serious health problems like heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, etc. They are also likely to increase your chances of going into preterm labor.

Sound oral health, however, begins with good dental hygiene. At the Pro Dental Clinic, we help to set up effective hygiene plans for the entire family. Got a doubt about your current hygiene plan? Call us and we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.

Oral Hygiene Basics:

Simple dental care habits like brushing your teeth twice a day, regular flossing, and keeping your tongue clean, keep cavities at bay. Routine dental checkups are also important to keep your teeth and gums healthy. They help to deal with potential problems and if possible prevent them altogether. A typical checkup involves the dentist examining your teeth and gums to look for decay, gum diseases, and other dental problems.

The Pro Dental team recommends routine dental checkups at least once every six months. Patients can opt for periodontal cleaning and treatment at our Clinic, or get them through one of our recommended specialist.

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